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Graphic designers in online marketing might know that: The project manager asks for a new Facebook page cover in 940x348px. He already had a look at the latest marketing news and in all the beautiful info graphics he found was written to create the perfect 2021 facebook page cover image in 940x348px. And because everyone does so, it must be right… not! Think about the following.

Facebook Page – Create your cover for high resolution displays

If you put yourself in the users’ expectations you will quickly realize that 940x348px is just the displayed size of the cover image on a Facebook page in 2021. Especially users with high resolution displays will experience a cover, that’s way too small to read all its contents in it. One tries to help with a click on the cover image and expects a larger version of that image in a lightbox… Lo and behold: A postage stamp in the middle of huge black screen pops up.

This does not have to be like that! Especially, if you created a beautiful visual with lots of attention to detail and you want to present the visual to your visitors in a screen filling size, then forget about the image size in your project manager’s briefing and create your artwork in the highest resolution your visitors might run. This makes your visual ready for any range of use. You can always save smaller versions with 2 clicks of a button.

The most common desktop screen resolutions in 2021

Until September 2020 the worldwide most commonly used desktop screen resolution was 1366x768px. In October 2020 the Full HD resolution 1920x1080px displaced the old standard of 1366x768px for the first time with a 22.29% worldwide market share. These two display resolutions are still commonly used on about 40% of all worldwide desktop computers (source: Global Stats von statcounter).

Having a look at the most commonly used desktop screen resolutions in developed countries, you will quickly realize that the 1920x1080px desktop screen resolution is already dominating by far. The world’s average desktop screen resolution is kept low just by populous developing countries who utilize cheap and old hardware. And this might not be the target markets for your marketing campaign for sure.

statcounter desktop screen resolution 01 worldwide 202007 202107statcounter desktop screen resolution 02 eu 202007 202107statcounter desktop screen resolution 03 germany 202007 202107statcounter desktop screen resolution 04 usa 202007 202107

The right size for a Facebook page cover image in 2021

The displayed size of a facebook page’s cover image is 940x348px and you can proportionally scale this up to your desired size. Just pay attention that your cover image will be cut about 19% left and right on smartphones. That’s why you should place all important elements on a 62% horizontal space in the middle of your artwork. In other words: If you create your Facebook cover image in 1920x711px (which is 940x348px proportionally upscaled), then you should place any important visual or text anywhere in between of x=365 and x=1555. You will find a smart object to place your visuals into for all desired sizes in my free Facebook page mockup template. Just create your design in the smart object of your choice and instantly see how it looks on a Facebook page directly after saving the smart object.

facebook cover mobile

Free download: Facebook page cover & posts Photoshop mockup template

Yeah, you got that right! Here is a free Photoshop Facebook page mockup template for you to download for free. You will also find differently sized smart objects to create a 16:9 and a squared post image. If you create your designs in your desired smart objects you will directly see how it looks on a Facebook page. There is a mockup for the Facebook Dark Mode and the Light Mode as well. There are even guides and shape layers that help you to pay attention to mobile specific characteristics so that your artwork looks perfectly fine on all devices. And the best of all: You even do not have to subscribe for my newsletter to download this free 2021 Facebook page Photoshop mockup template with smart objects for versatile editing. Just click the following buttons once…


I wish you a successful creation and lots of fun and ease with my free Photoshop Facebook page mockup template for 2021.

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