A logo is not a constant. It’s a design principle. A mixture between constants and variables. In a world of constant change, a dynamic corporate design reflects best, that your company is prepared for a fast pace.

At the one hand we have the constants that incorporate traditional values like persistence, reliability, trust and being well-established. The variables represent values like flexibility, adaptibility,  dynamic and to keep up with the times.

In our case the typography is constant and the signet is a variable following certain principles. It’s a cube with two open sides. It can unfold in the developed grid (2:1 perspective) with at least one side up. The tagline is only present in the folded form.

The 4c version consists of four different shades of one of our four main colors. Each color represents a unique division. Green is main color used for drei kubik in general, orange is for animation, magenta is for photography and blue is for film.

How do you like it? Please feel free to comment below this article. Any feedback is highly appreciated.