“drei”, the German word for “three” implies communication, media and design. “kubik” raises the base to the third dimension – and thus expands it into space.

This has become drei kubik’s credo: The one is flat without the other. Just the right blend of communication, media and design carries your brand, your identity and your message over to cubic expansion.

Works/Worked for

karo media – die agentur, 5150media, Newcast GmbH, COENENPARTNER MARKEN-POSITIONIERUNG, adlegis Rechtsanwälte, FORCE CM GmbH, L&N Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, EF+P GmbH (B2B), STEAM Architekten, RAUM SIEBEN, Stofff, LINDNER Hotels & Resorts, TimoCom GmbH, Dr. med. Ulrich Dreisilker, Blue Byte UBISOFT GmbH, Marc Jacobs, Alfa Romeo, WDR, WDR Käpt’n Blaubär, Postbank, Bundeswehr, Cosmos Direkt, Nestlé, Beumer, Rhenus, Puma Deutschland, Schneider Electric, Hotel Schloss Montabaur and more…